Advertising photos of beautiful home furnishings and furniture. Range: product photography, packshots.
Attached session is one of many advertising sessions prepared for this brand.
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SARA STUDIO photo agency realized product photos and packshots for well known and loved brand clothing ENDO. This brand is known with high quality clothes and ingenious designs, including glittery slogans and graphics on clothes.


Since February 2017 SARA STUDIO photography studio is pleased to realize complex photo shoots for MGI Polska sp. z o.o. BRICO MARCHE brand in the scope of: product and arrangement photos.

ØnskeBørn STORK

With great pleasure we have started fruitful cooperation with the Danish company ØnskeBørn. The scope of the contract covers the photographic service, in particular the product photo and arrangement photos with models and graphical modifications, and refers to the leading brand of the company – STORK.

The Europe Cash Cycle Seminar – Budapest 2017

SARA STUDIO photography agency once again received exclusive accreditation for photography at the Europe Cash Cycle Seminar in Budapest. The weight and uniqueness of the participants and the presented data during the conference prevent us from presenting many beautiful pictures but we hope that the attached will bring the atmosphere of the event closer.